anon 8 months ago

Fail's Flotilla : Final Flight (First clear!)

Holy hell this level! First off, huge shoutouts to Failstream for finally uploading this level. He started building in November and after 481 hours of attempts he uploaded just a few days ago. Congrats man, you're crazy. I recreated the level in the middle of July and began practicing it, and after it was uploaded I started attempts. After a total of 72 hours, I beat it and got first clear! It feels amazing. I love this level, it's so fun and well designed, and unquestionably one of, if not, the hardest cape level in Mario Maker! As of September 2, 2017 FF3's clear rate is 1/19,647. I'm gonna take a nice break from Mario Maker for a few weeks. Also, shoutouts to Fastreaderz, who got several nais before he had to leave for PAX. There's a 50/50 chance he would've gotten first clear if he didn't go, but hopefully he gets second clear when he gets back. You're awesome Fast! So, thanks for watching, and GG Fail for uploading!

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