SNSD - Honey cover [tagalog Version]

SNSD - Honey cover [tagalog Version]

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Hi guys! I get really bored today so I decided to translate the song Honey/Perfect for you to Taglog language! Kyay~ my first language! I guess its my best cover so far.LOL. I made the lyrics in just one hour and then I record a video with me singing but since its so dark in my room and you cant see me in the video I decided not to use the video and just use pictures of SNSD. I recorded it just one time and did not edit anything so you might hear me lost on some parts! Its because I'm really carried sometimes by the adlibs which Im not into.Haaii~ so much talk! BTW Its not the official translation. But I make sure that the words I used was somehow related to the real meaning of the song. It was really a good song and I love singing it! If you want to use the lyrics for your cover please dont hesitate to ask me but please make sure you give credit to me kk?X3 So I hope you guys like it! I put the lyrics on the video so that you can sing along (for filipinos and those who can speak tagalog) Kyay~Comments are all welcome! -Yuri
SNSD - Honey cover [tagalog Version]
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