The Sauer Organ in Jahrhunderthalle Breslau

The Sauer Organ in Jahrhunderthalle Breslau

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Another historic organ recording, again from a gigantic organ, this time by Sauer in the extraordinary building called the Jahrhunderthalle or Centennial Hall, Breslau. It contained 200 stops and 15,133 pipes over 5 manuals. You might struggle to find Breslau on the map, as today its known as Wroclaw (Poland) but at the time the structure was designed and built, the city was part of the German Empire. The organ was dismantled up after WWII and a large part of it became the nucleus of the organ now in Wroclaw cathedral. Sadly this is a fragment only of the second half of the old warhorse, Bach's toccata & fugue in D minor BWV 565. Its played here by Gerhard Zeggert, recorded on 9th January 1937. The rest of this recording was not available online, I found this recording by accident. For the specification, please cut & paste this link www.ondamar.demon.co.uk/schemes/misc/ger/bres.htm. The hall was designed by the architext Max Burg in 1913, and it still survives today protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It was so named as it was 100 years after the battle where Napolean I was defeated at the Battle of Leipzig. The building is the largest of several pavillions in Scheitniger Park, the cupola of the hall is constructed of reinforced concrete, with an internal diameter of 69m & 42m high, and was the largest building of its type when completed. It has seating for 6,000 people. It was renamed Hala Ludowa or People's Hall after Poland came under the control of the communist government in 1945. It is currently host to sporting events. Thank you to Wikipedia for the info:-)
The Sauer Organ in Jahrhunderthalle Breslau
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