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Have you Heard of 9/11? (2012)

Have You Heard of 9/11? (2012) - In the West we take it for granted that everybody knows about the events of September 11th. But is this really the case, especially in some of the places that have been most affected by its consequences?

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Amazingly, in Afghanistan, where for ten years a war has been fought with 9/11 as its root cause and justification, not only do many locals claim to be oblivious to 9/11 but it appears that so are the police and even some of the translators working with the US military. "We're farmers, we're just working in our fields. We don't know anything else about the world," they shrug. With high rates of illiteracy, poverty and lack of infrastructure, many Afghans live in what is close to a media vacuum. With American troops set to start withdrawing this year, it appears that they will leave with a huge number of Afghans never having really understood why they came in the first place. For the majority of US soldiers however, it's a different story. "Some of us still have a personal vendetta with the beings that roam here. I still find it very personal."

Adam Pletts – Ref. 5627

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